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Socio-Cultural Anthropology Track

Medical Anthropology Track

Law, Politics, and Economics Track 

Short Name SCA MedAnth LPE
Total courses 9 9 9
# of required courses




# of elective courses 6 5 6

Required Courses

ANT 300
ANT 301
ANT 390

ANT 240* or ANT 340
ANT 206 or ANT 215
ANT 300
ANT 301

ANT 300
ANT 301
ANT 390

Elective Courses

TWO 200-level
ONE 300-level
ONE 400-level
TWO any level

Two may be cognates

FIVE approved MedAnth electives:

One may be ANT course outside MedAnth

Two may be MedAnth cognates

SIX approved LPE electives:

One may be ANT course outside LPE

Two may be LPE cognates

Possible Cognates 2 2 2

Senior Thesis Topic

Any anthropological topic**

Related to medical anthropology, broadly defined**

Related to law, politics & economics, broadly defined**

* May also be ANT 235 in Spring 2018 in lieu of ANT 240

** For all Anthropology senior theses, the methodological and theoretical approach taken must be approved by a student's senior thesis adviser.

See pre-approved electives by track.

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