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Socio-Cultural Anthropology Track

Medical Anthropology Track

Law, Politics, and Economics Track 

Short Name SCA MedAnth LPE
Total courses 9 9 9
# of required courses




# of elective courses 6 5 6

Required Courses

ANT 300
ANT 301
ANT 390

ANT 240* or ANT 340 or ANT 461
206 or 215 or 309 or cognate**
ANT 300
ANT 301

ANT 300
ANT 301
ANT 390

Elective Courses

TWO 200-level
ONE 300-level
ONE 400-level
TWO any level

Two may be cognates

FIVE approved MedAnth electives:

One may be an ANT course outside MedAnth

Two may be MedAnth cognates**

SIX approved LPE electives:

One may be an ANT course outside LPE

Two may be LPE cognates**

Possible Cognates 2 2 2

Senior Thesis Topic

Any anthropological topic**

Related to medical anthropology, broadly defined**

Related to law, politics & economics, broadly defined**

* This may also be ANT 235 in Spring 2018 in lieu of ANT 240.

** Approval is required. The director of undergraduate studies approves cognates. For MedAnth, the department will accept Evolutionary Biology (EEB 309) and Life on Earth (EEB 211) as cognates taken in AY 2019 to AY 2021. These courses may substitute for Human Evolution (ANT 206) or Human Adaptation (ANT 215) as a required or an elective course, provided each student applies at most two cognates towards all departmental course requirements. Senior thesis advisers approve students' methodological and theoretical approaches to their senior theses.

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