Students who major in anthropology choose one of three tracks:

The Sociocultural Anthropology track is for students who want to explore a number of foundational sub-fields within anthropology. For students who choose the Law, Politics, and Economics or Medical Anthropology track, the selection of required and elective courses is geared toward rigorous study in these respective sub-fields. The courses in each track ensure that students, regardless of track, have a systematic understanding of the scope, methods and theories within the discipline of anthropology by the time they graduate. 

The transcript degree of students in the department will be A.B. in Anthropology. Students who successfully complete the curriculum of their chosen track will receive a departmental attestation on Class Day and may note their track focus on their resumés.

An anthropology major chooses a track or tentative track when declaring the concentration. A track selection form must be completed and filed with the department during the student's junior year by the first day of classes in the spring term. To compare the basic structures of the three tracks, see the comparison table.