Declaring Anthropology, Step-by-Step

Ready to declare Anthropology and select departmental courses?

Spring 2022 instructions for Anthropology

At any step during this process, please feel free to schedule an appointment to meet with either the Anthropology Director of Undergraduate Studies(link is external) or the Undergraduate Administrator(link is external).   

  • Step 1.  Declare Anthropology in TigerHub between March 24 and April 11. If you happen to know which Anthropology “Track” you want to declare, then you can do so as well. But don’t worry if you don’t know which track you want to declare in Anthropology. Socio-Cultural Anthropology (SCA) is the default track. You can always change it later. See Tracks for more information. 
  • Step 2.  Fill out our Sophomore Advising Form(link is external) online. This will help us get to know you! The form also serves to guide you in understanding departmental course requirements.
  • Step 3.  Also fill out your Academic Planning Form (APF) in TigerHub. We will be able to access your APF one (working) day after you declare Anthropology as your concentration. Please take the time to complete your APF thoughtfully and thoroughly. Answer all of the questions and and fill in every text field on the form.  Save your responses but do not submit your form yet. Please use the Course Planner in TigerHub to share your planned courses (if you know them). Save again, but please do not submit your Academic Planning Form (APF) yet
  • Step 4.  After you have submitted the Sophomore Advising form in Step 2 above, please allow 1-2 days to hear back from the department. Expect to receive an email from the Undergraduate Administrator in response to your preliminary course plan.
  • Step 5.  Following advice in the email that you receive in Step 4 above, make adjustments, if any, in the course plan that you saved in your Academic Planning Form (APF) in Step 3.  When your APF is ready, based on your choices in consideration of advice received from the email in Step 4, submit your APF in TigerHub and then send an email to to signal that your APF is ready for DUS review and approval online.  You should be able to confirm the approval of your APF by checking in TigerHub after 1-2 days. 
  • Step 6.  After your APF is approved, you may enroll in fall courses for your junior year.  Your assigned course enrollment date in TigerHub is April 13. 

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