Declaring Anthropology

The prerequisite to declare Anthropology is one ANT course or permission from the Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS).

We have tried to anticipate your questions about majoring in Anthropology in a Declaring Anthropology FAQs page

Already decided to declare ANT?  See Welcome to New Majors!

IF YOU need help deciding whether Anthropology is a good fit for you, or the prerequisite has not been met:

Check out the 3/18/2021 Anthropology Sophomore Open House!
Click here to view.

Do one of the following:

  • Make an appointment in WASE for a meeting with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. See contact information on this page or send an email to, listing times that are convenient for you, if there are no suitable times available through WASE.
  • If an "office hours" meeting is not feasible, send an email to the Director of Undergraduate Studies with a copy of your unofficial transcript attached (you can generate one in TigerHub). Include in your email your questions or concerns. A reply will normally be sent within two business days.

IF YOU have decided to declare Anthropology as your concentration with the prerequisite satisfied:

  1. Students declare their Anthropology concentration in TigerHub during the spring term of sophomore year.  At the time of declaration, students may also optionally declare an ANT subplan in TigerHub.  Having a subplan equates to choosing a track other than Sociocultural Anthropology.  ANT majors may choose a track at the time of concentration declaration or elect an optional track later. See Tracks for more information. 
  2. In TigerHub, complete your Departmental Academic Planning Form (DAPF) thoughtfully and thoroughly.  Share your academic plans and/or career goals in both longer and more immediate terms.  Which departmental courses have you already taken?  Which requirements are still outstanding? Write out your understanding. If you have questions regarding Anthropology departmental requirements, ask the Undergraduate Administrator. See contact information in Step #3 below.  
  3. When you are satisfied that you have completely filled out your DAPF, send an email to the Undergraduate Administrator to request a preliminary review in preparation for Director of Undergraduate Studies review and approval of your course plan. A reply will normally be sent back to you within two business days to acknowledge receipt.  Please see the "NOTE ON TIMING" at the end of these instructions.
  4. If you have not already met with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, make an appointment in WASE for a meeting to get acquainted. See contact information on this page. If you cannot find a suitable appointment in WASE, send an email to, listing times that are convenient for you in the Eastern time zone.  Before your meeting with the ANTDUS, please fill out the department's online ANT Majors' Advising Form. Some of the information you will be asked to provide will be similar to information on your DAPF, but the two forms serve slightly different purposes. Completing both will help make your advising appointment as efficient and meaningful as possible!  If you have already met with the DUS, you may skip this step and proceed to next step below, unless you would like to meet again.
  5. Send an email to to signal that your DAPF is ready for DUS review and approval.  After your DAPF and course plan are approved by the DUS, you will see confirmation in TigerHub.  
  6. After your DAPF is approved, you may enroll in courses for your junior year fall term during the spring enrollment period, through TigerHub.
  7. Welcome to the Anthropology Department!  

NOTE ON TIMING:  Your academic record will become accessible to your department 24 business hours after you declare your concentration. Please plan to declare your concentration as early as possible, be it Anthropology or another department. It is important to communicate with your department and receive your department's approval of your course selections before enrolling in courses.

See the Registrar's webpages for concentration declaration and course enrollment dates.

See Declaring Anthropology FAQs.

See information about ANT courses taken with P/D/F-optional grading in Spring 2020 and Anthropology P/D/F grading policy.

Go to Majoring in Anthropology to see requirements for concentrators.

Anthropology Contacts

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
Professor Julia Elyachar
130 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-2896 | WASE

Contact the Anthropology DUS by email.
Student seeking ANT credit for course taken at another institution
See instructions here.

Undergraduate Administrator
Mo Lin Yee
116 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-5535 | WASE
(General contact for matters related to the undergraduate program in Anthropology)