Declaring Anthropology

Students curious about anthropology should take any anthropology course that interests them. 

Courses taken before major declaration may be counted towards required departmental courses

Wondering whether anthropology is a good fit for you?

  • Take an anthropology course. Talk to an Anthropology faculty member or graduate student preceptor and ask what it's like to "do" anthropology.
  • Check out the choosing a major page on the Dean of the College website.
  • Talk to a current major to ask questions and to hear their perspectives. Attend an Anthropology Department event.  See News and Events for opportunities.
  • Attend the Sophomore Open House that's scheduled each spring before the major declaration period on TigerHub. 
  • Talk to the undergraduate administrator.  You are welcome to drop in 116 Aaron Burr Hall or email
  • Schedule a meeting with the departmental representative. (See below.)

Deciding or decided to declare Anthropology?

On the Pre-Concentration Advising Form in TigerHub, indicate that Anthropology is a concentration of interest to you.  Then make an appointment in WASS to meet individually with the Departmental Representative to discuss how your interests might fit with what anthropology has to offer.  Please see contact information on this page.

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Departmental Representative
Professor Andrew A. Johnson
123 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-2186 / WASS
(Advisor for majors and students seeking ANT credit for courses taken at another institution)

Undergraduate Administrator
Mo Lin Yee
116 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-5535
(General contact for matters related to the undergraduate program in Anthropology)