Approval for Course Taken at Another Institution

Approval of courses taken at other institutions for Anthropology transfer credit at Princeton

See ODOC advising for general information.

If you are planning to take an anthropology course at another educational institution for Princeton University transfer credit, you will need to get the course reviewed and approved by the director of undergraduate studies in the Anthropology Department. You may make an appointment in WASE to meet with the director of undergraduate studies, OR send course information by email to the director of undergraduate studies with Cc to the undergraduate administrator, OR print copies of the relevant documents and place them inside the mailbox of the director of undergraduate studies in the Anthropology Department office at 116 Aaron Burr Hall.  If you leave materials in the office mailbox, please be sure to include your contact information.

Gather required documents:

  • The approval form
  • Course information: title, description, instructor, rank of instructor, course schedule, class hours; generally as much information as you can get. (Note: To be approved, an anthropology course must be taught by an instructor with a doctorate. A course taught by a graduate student or an "ABD" will not be approved.)
  • A course syllabus and/or reading list

Please do not send a web link. Any course information found online should be printed as a screenshot or converted to a PDF and submitted along with the other requisite materials.


Anthropology Contacts

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
Professor Carolyn Rouse
129 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-4556 | WASE

Current Major:  Email DUS
Prospective MajorEmail DUS
Student seeking ANT credit for course taken at another institution

Undergraduate Administrator
Mo Lin Yee
116 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-5535 | WASE
(General contact for matters related to the undergraduate program in Anthropology)