Approval for Course Taken at Another Institution

Approval of a course taken at another institution for Anthropology transfer credit at Princeton

If you are planning to take an anthropology course at another educational institution for Princeton University transfer credit, you will need to get the course reviewed and approved by the director of undergraduate studies in the Anthropology Department. 

First, see Summer Course Pre-Approval for information on Dean of the College (ODOC) requirements for transfer credit eligibility. 

For Anthropology Department consideration, all ODOC requirements must be met, including the provision of a syllabus that includes the course description, assignments, and readings (texts and articles). 

If you are unable to obtain the syllabus for the term for which you are seeking approval to take the course, please provide a syllabus for the course as offered in a recent term or provide separate documents about the course basics and a list of sample readings.

IMPORTANT additional requirement for eligibility: 
For Department of Anthropology approval, a course must be taught by an instructor with a doctorate. A course taught by a graduate student or an "ABD" will not be approved. Therefore, in the materials that you provide, please include the name and information about the instructor (e.g., a link to the instructor's webpage at the external institution or any document with information identifying the instructor's academic credentials).

Questions about the instructions may be directed to the director of undergraduate studies. Please plan ahead and allow at least 48 business hours for review and reply from the Anthropology Department. 


Anthropology Contacts

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
Dr. Onur Günay
Lecturer in Anthropology
313 Aaron Burr Hall
[email protected]

Undergraduate Program Manager
Kelly A. Lake
114 Aaron Burr Hall (inside Room 116)
(609) 258-5535
[email protected]
(General contact for matters related to the undergraduate program in Anthropology)

Students seeking ANT credit for course taken at another institution
See instructions here.