Undergraduate FAQs

Who to contact

  • Current majors see the departmental representative (Dep Rep) for course advising in November and April. Cognates can be approved during course advising.
  • Juniors considering a change of concentration (into or out of Anthropology) see the Dep Rep.
  • Sophomores and freshmen considering majoring in Anthropology see the Dep Rep or the undergraduate administrator (Undergrad Admin). 
  • Students in any class or major seeking approval of anthropology courses taken outside Princeton for transfer credit see the Dep Rep or Undergrad Admin.
  • All students are welcome to talk to the Dep Rep or any other faculty member in the department about anthropology. The Undergrad Admin is always happy to answer "how to" questions as well as help students find the right place to get answers.

       See Dep Rep and Admin contact information on this page.


Departmental policy on the use of cognate courses to satisfy departmental course requirements

Departmental policy on extensions and late work

University travel policy


Departmental Representative
Professor Ryo Morimoto
132 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-6814
ryo.morimoto@princeton.edu | WASE
(Advisor for majors and students seeking ANT credit for courses taken at another institution)

Undergraduate Administrator
Mo Lin Yee
116 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-5535
(General contact for matters related to the undergraduate program in Anthropology)