Ethnographic Studies Students

Certificates in Ethnographic Studies Awarded

The certificate in Ethnographic Studies was earned through completion of ethnographic fieldwork and writing along with required and elective courses in ethnography and ethnographic methods. The academic concentration of each ETH certificate student is noted.

Academic Year 2019-20

Emma Coley, Religion 
Jonah Hyman, Physics
Brandon Mintzer, East Asian Studies
Rebecca Ngu, English
Dayna Valek, Public and International Affairs

Academic Year 2018-19

Elijah Ash, Geosciences
Jacqueline Dragon, Chemistry
Katarzyna Kalinowska, History of Science
Anagha Prasanna, Molecular Biology

Academic Year 2016-17

Dylan Blau Edelstein, Spanish and Portuguese
Yun-Yun Li, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Stacey Park, Psychology