Summer Undergraduate Internship Milestone Credit

Summer Undergraduate Internship Milestone Credit is a University program in which the Department of Anthropology participates for its department concentrators.  For information, see Internship Milestone Credit | Office of the Dean of the College (

The Internship Milestone Credit is an opportunity for students to record certain summer internship experiences on their transcript and receive academic credit for them. Departments approve the credit, so in order to receive it a student's department must decide to make the Milestone available to students whose internships meet the requirement: the internship must be at least six weeks in length, and the experience must be directly related to the student's concentration.

Internship Milestone Credit is academic credit but it is not counted as course credit. 

The internship milestone credit cannot be applied towards satisfaction of University or departmental course requirements.

To apply, use the Registrar's application for Internship Milestone Credit.  Send your completed application with required attachments to the undergraduate administrator.

Consistent with Princeton's liberal arts philosophy, Anthropology department majors applying for internship milestone credit must demonstrate the transferable skills that their internship cultivates, as well as how those skills might be applied in one or more experiential settings, in relation to their academic studies in the Department of Anthropology.

To receive the credit following completion of the internship, a student must provide the department with the following two items:

  1. As required by the University: a statement on the internship organization's letterhead certifying that a minimum of six weeks of internship was completed, following the instructions on the Registrar's application form.
  2. As required by the Department of Anthropology: a  statement by the student in approximately 150-200 words describing the transferable skills that the internship cultivated and how those skills were or might be applied in one or more experiential settings in relation to the student's academic coursework or independent work in the Department of Anthropology.