Two cognate courses may be used to satisfy elective requirements in any track. Classification of a course as a cognate depends on a student's selected track. 

A cognate may be an anthropology course taught outside a student's selected track or a non-anthropology course that the director of undergraduate studies has reviewed and deemed to be relevant to a student's independent work or correspond to a student's course of study (i.e., track). The cognate may be a course taken during study abroad and/or a course offered by another department or program at Princeton that is not also cross-listed by Anthropology. Students in the Law, Politics, and Economics track or the Medical Anthropology track can find descriptions of possible cognates under LPE and MedAnth track information, respectively.

Seek approval for a cognate

Proposed cognates must be approved by the department. Approval prior to enrollment is normally expected, however, retroactive approval is granted when warranted. 

To petition for cognate credit for a specific course, students should present the course syllabus and fill out a Course Enrollment Worksheet along with a brief statement (attached to the worksheet) explaining how the proposed cognate relates to their independent work or the focus of their track. Students may bring these items with them to their departmental course advising meeting in the fall or spring term.  Students who are studying abroad can send these items by email to the director of undergraduate studies with Cc to the undergraduate administrator.  See the Blackboard for Anthropology Concentrators for additional details.

Occasionally specific non-ANT courses may be pre-approved as acceptable cognates.  Courses identified as such on departmental course lists either online or in print would still require petition by the student via submission of a worksheet and statement as explained above, but the student would not need to attach a course syllabus to the petition.

Anthropology Contacts

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Professor Ryo Morimoto
132 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-6814 | WASE
(Advisor for majors and students seeking ANT credit for courses taken at another institution)

Undergraduate Administrator
Mo Lin Yee
116 Aaron Burr Hall
(609) 258-5535
(General contact for matters related to the undergraduate program in Anthropology)