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Visualizing Philadelphia

Data Visualizations

Data visualizations are helping us to describe and analyze the data that is contained in the enormous Krogman Growth Study collection, which consists of approximately 400 cubic feet of medical charts and notes. To generate data from this physical collection of "big data" that we can visualize, we digitize and tabulate by hand selected fields of data from a sample of the larger collection. We are also collecting a wide range of data on demography, political economy, and the physical environment to help make sense of the Krogman data. The series of interactive visualizations of the growth and development data on these pages are each situated alongside related contextual environmental and photographic data. 


about growth data

Click on this image to view the composition of the Krogman Growth data and our selected study locations.   

see growth data

Click on this image to view data on several measures of growth and development of study participants, from childhood to adulthood.

Coming soon:  Data visualizations and maps of a wide range of demographic and environmental factors, from urban infrastructure, construction, and sources of industrial toxins, to social institutions, such as schools, churches, and resources for food and healthcare.