Growth and Development

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Measuring Child Growth and Development

The Krogman Study collection contains rich data about childhood in the Philadelphia area. From the data in the participant records we have sampled and digitized, we visualized several common measures of growth and development that could be affected by certain environmental exposures:  Height and weight (e.g. Body Mass Index (BMI), age of menarche, and skeletal maturity (or bone age). 

hand wrist X-ray and BMI growth chart

Visualizing Child Growth and Development

These data visualizations from our sample records reveal a number of questions about where environmental factors might shape the contours of the data in these charts. Indeed, we seek to fill in the white space surrounding the data points with contextual data about factors from the social and physical environment. To be sure, understanding this data and its contexts is incomplete without first-hand ethnographic and historical research that will help to make sense of them from the standpoint and experiences of the Krogman Study participants themselves.