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For scholars who want to visualize complex ethnographic data
in ways that enhance intelligibility, insight and human understanding

 The VizE Lab for Ethnographic Data Visualization was launched in 2017 for scholars to explore new ways to collect and visualize diverse forms of ethnographic data. In particular, the Lab is devoted to bringing data visualization and documentary media together in ethnographies that combine data sets big and small with person-centered perspectives. The lab advises students and collaborates with faculty colleagues in their research and it offers a studio setting where scholars can create visual work using specialized software and collaborate on new projects using our visualization wall.  


Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021

The film, The Torture Letters, produced and directed by Laurence Ralph, has become an official selection for another film festival, the...

Friday, Dec 11, 2020
Can Visualizations Help Solve the Student Debt Crisis?


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