ETH electives, List 2 - Ethnographic & Cultural Contexts

What are List 2 electives?

List 2 electives on Ethnographic and Cultural Contexts consist of courses from across the University focused on cultural analysis in local, regional or institutional contexts, and involving diverse subjects, settings and media. 

Which courses count as List 2 electives?

Students are welcome to suggest courses for approval as electives. Please email with the course number and title, course description, semester offered, and a syllabus, if available. Explain briefly why you believe the course material is relevant to ethnographic and cultural contexts and/or fits as a List 2 elective in your own ETH course of study, referring to the details on individual considerations regarding elective course selection for ETH certificate students.

What are some examples of List 2 electives?

The List 2 courses shown below are meant to be illustrative examples and do not represent all courses that could be approved as "Cultural Contexts" electives. The Registrar's course offerings are updated each semester. Courses not listed below can be reviewed and may be approved as ETH electives, as explained above. 

Sample List 2 electives on "Ethnographic and Cultural Contexts"

AAS 201. Introduction to the Study of African American Cultural Practices
AMS 311. Education and inequality
ANT 232. Social lives, social forces
ANT 304. Political anthropology
ANT 335. Medical anthropology
ANT 342. Anthropology of law
ARC 304. Cities of the 21st century
ART 350. Chinese cinema (also EAS 356)
ART 463. American art and visual culture
DAN 215. Introduction to dance across cultures (also ANT 355)
EAS 225. Japanese society and culture (also ANT 323)
EAS 312. Mind, body, and bioethics in Japan and beyond (also ANT 312)
EEB 332. Pre-Columbian peoples of tropical America and their environments (also LAS 350)
ELE 381. Networks: Friends, money and bytes (also COS 381)
FRE 313. Contemporary French Civilization
GER 208. Studies in German language and style: Contemporary society, politics, and culture
GHP 350. Critical perspectives in global health (also WWS 380/ ANT 380)
HIS 384. Gender and Sexuality in Modern America (also GSS 384)
JRN 440. The literature of fact - Subcultures and social worlds
LAO 200, Latinos in American life and culture (also SOC 341, LAS 336)
LAS 402. Latin American Studies seminar: Direct and participatory democracy in Latin America
MUS 242. Music since 1945
NES 391. Secularism (also ANT 391)
PSY 403. The social psychology of social change (also WWS 341)
REL 226. The religions of China (also EAS 226)
REL 328. Women and gender in Islamic societies (also GSS 328)
SAS 322. South Asian popular culture
SLA 221. Soviet culture, above and below ground (also RES 221)
SOC 210. Urban sociology (also LAS 210/ URB 210/ LAO 210)
SOC 345. Money, work and social life
SPA 224. Hispanic studies: Introduction to cultural analysis
SPA 327. Latino global cities (also URB 327, LAO 327)
THR 310. The musical theatre of Stephen Sondheim: Process to production (also ENG 318/ MUS 338)
TRA 304. Translating East Asia (also EAS 304)
URB 385. Mapping gentrification (also SOC 385, HUM 385, ARC 385)

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