Ethnographic Studies Executive Committee

2019-2021 Committee Members

Mark R. Beissinger, Politics
John Borneman, Anthropology
Amy B. Borovoy, East Asian Studies
Mitchell Duneier, Sociology
Judith Hamera, Lewis Center for the Arts and Dance
Daniel I. Rubenstein, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
J. N. Shelton, Psychology
Susan L. Sugarman, Psychology
Stacy E. Wolf, Lewis Center for the Arts and Theater
Deborah J. Yashar, Woodrow Wilson School and Politics
Anthropology Director of Undergraduate Studies* (ex officio)

* Ryo Morimoto, 2019-20; Carolyn Rouse, 2020-21

Sits with Program

Jeffrey D. Himpele, Anthropology
Derek B. Lidow, Electrical Engineering, Keller Center for Innovation in Engineering
Yi-Ching Ong, Service Focus, PACE
Evan M. Schneider, Pace Center for Civic Engagement
Trisha Thorme, Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship

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Program in Ethnographic Studies
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