ETH electives, List 1 - Ethnographic Methods and Research Ethics

What are List 1 electives?

List 1 electives on Ethnographic Methods and Research Ethics are courses from across the University dealing with ethnographic and related qualitative research methodologies and research ethics. The purpose of List 1 electives is to encourage students to integrate ethnographic inquiry and the research methods they are learning in their broader courses of study.  

Which courses count as List 1 electives?

Students are welcome to suggest courses for approval as electives. Please email with the course number and title, course description, semester offered, and a syllabus, if available. Explain briefly why you believe the course is relevant to ethnographic methods and research ethics and/or fits as a List 1 elective in your own ETH course of study, referring to the details on individual considerations regarding elective course selection for ETH certificate students.

What are some examples of List 1 electives?

The List 1 courses shown below are meant to be illustrative examples and do not represent all courses that could be approved as "Methods and Ethics" electives. The Registrar's course offerings are updated each semester. Courses not listed below can be reviewed and may be approved as electives, as explained above. 

Ethnographic Methods and Research Ethics

2018-2019 Fall - List 1 sample courses

AMS 403. Advanced Seminar in American Studies - American Properties
ANT 201. Introduction to Anthropology
ANT 219. Catastrophes across Cultures: The Anthropology of Disaster (also ENV 219)
ANT 232. Social Lives, Social Forces
ANT 305. Psychological Anthropology (also HLS 305)
ANT 336. The Anthropology of Selected Regions: The Amazon (also LAS 384)
ANT 390A. History of Anthropological Theory
ANT 407. Ethnography of Law
ANT 455. Visible Evidence: Documentary Film and Data Visualization
HUM 365. Freud on the Psychological Foundations of the Mind (also PSY 365)
POR 304. Topics in Brazilian Cultural and Social History - Indigenous Brazil
PSY 307. Educational Psychology
SOC 300. Claims and Evidence in Sociology
SPA 330. Junior Seminar: Spanish and Portuguese-Speaking Worlds (also POR 330, LAS 390)
TPP 301. Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching

2017-2018 Spring - List 1 sample courses

ANT 235. Medical Humanities (also HUM 235)
ANT 405. Topics in Anthropology - Queer Ethnography (also GSS 406)
ANT 454. Transcultural Cinema
DAN 321. Special Topics in Dance History, Criticism, and Aesthetics - Moving Modernisms: Modern Dance History from 1900-1950
ENG 400. Touching Books - An Introduction to the History of the Book (also MED 400)
GER 211. Introduction to Media Theory
LIN 308. Bilingualism (also TRA 303)
REL 222. Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion (also HUM 222)
SAS 335. Gender and Performing Arts in South Asia (also GSS 335)

2017-2018 Fall - List 1 sample courses

ANT 201. Introduction to Anthropology
ANT 309A. Forensic Anthropology and Epigenetics in Urban America (also STC 310A)
ANT 326. Language, Identity, Power (also COM 319)
ANT 368. Ethnography of Schools and Schooling (also TPP 368)
ANT 390A. History of Anthropological Theory
ANT 432. Memory, Trauma, Accountability
DAN 215. Introduction to Dance across Cultures (also ANT 355)
ECS 311. From Black Bile to Digital Depression: Melancholy in Theory, Art, and Media (also FRE 316, COM 399)
EGR 385. Ethnography and Wicked Problems (also ANT 385)
PSY 307. Educational Psychology
SOC 300. Claims and Evidence in Sociology
SOC 330. Studying Local, Writing Ethnography
TPP 301. Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching

List 1 sample courses from other semesters

AMS 351. Liberation photography/The engaged photographer
ANT 217. Religion: An anthropological introduction
ANT 249. Language and culture (also LIN 249)
ANT 356. Technologies of communication
ANT 360. Ethics in context: Uses and abuses of deception and disclosure.
ANT 377. The arts of ethnography
ANT 406. Theoretical orientations in cultural anthropology: Conspiracy theory and social theory
ANT 451. Visual anthropology
ANT 453. Rituals of governing (also AFS 453)
GER 332. The cultural theory of the Frankfurt School
JRN 452. Digital journalism: Writing about digital culture
POL 350. Research methods in political science (restricted to POL concentrators)
PSY 314. Research methods in social psychology
SOC 301. Sociological research methods
THR 300. Acting, being, doing and making: Introduction to Performance Studies (also COM 359/ ENG 373/ ANT 359)
THR 303. Ethnographic playwriting (also SOC 350)
THR 337. Community-based performance
TRA 200. Thinking translation: Language transfer and cultural communication (also COM 209/ HUM 209)

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