ETH Elective Courses

Ethnographic Studies certificate students take three elective courses in addition to two core courses.

ETH elective courses are categorized as either courses on "methods and ethics" (List 1) or courses pertaining to "cultural contexts" (List 2). The three required electives for each ETH student are chosen from these two categories and must include at least one course in each list.

  • List 1 electives:   Ethnographic methods and research ethics. Courses from across the University dealing with ethnographic and related qualitative research methodologies and research ethics. The purpose of this list is to encourage students to integrate ethnographic inquiry and the research methods they are learning in their broader courses of study.   
  • List 2 electives:  Ethnographic and cultural contexts. Courses from across the University focused on cultural analysis in local, regional or institutional contexts, and involving diverse subjects, settings and media. 

List 1 and List 2 courses listed on this website are provided as examples of courses that are eligible for approval as ETH electives in the two respective content categories. The lists are updated periodically, but students should consider the examples as illustrative and not representative of all courses that could be approved as ETH electives. Students have the opportunity to propose courses already taken as well as future courses for approval as electives in their ETH certificate course of study. The approval of a specific course for a particular student depends on the student's academic profile: department of concentration and other certificates, as explained below.

Each student's certificate course selections are subject to approval by the program. Since the ETH certificate is intended to supplement or complement the program of study in the student's department of concentration, no more than one course taken in fulfillment of the concentration may be counted toward the certificate. Similarly, no more than a total of two courses may be counted toward both ETH and other certificates no matter how many other certificates the student may pursue.

Students are encouraged to study abroad and courses taken abroad may be counted toward the certificate. Preliminary approval for a study abroad course can be given after the program reviews the course content; final acceptance of a course taken abroad will be made after completion of the semester abroad.  A student who intends to use a study abroad course to satisfy a certificate course requirement should plan to submit to ETH copies of the course syllabus and transcript from the study abroad institution as soon as possible upon return to Princeton. Students planning to study abroad should consult the program well in advance to coordinate their course schedules.

Because of the variety of considerations, the approval of elective courses for each student is necessarily individualized.  For details relevant to different student profiles, please also see the FAQs page.

The elective course lists are subject to change as course offerings are updated each semester.  They are also subject to annual review by the executive committee.

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