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Explore new creative possibilities for ethnography
through documentary film and data visualization

The VizE Lab Salon is for researchers from across the disciplines who are interested in learning about or sharing innovative modes of visual ethnography, including data visualization and documentary film. We will also invite campus experts to the Salon to discuss a range of topics related to documentary and ethnographic filmmaking, data-driven research in the social sciences and humanities, and storytelling through data visualization. Salon meetings in the VizE Lab on specific topics are also available by request to research groups, such as:

  • Software and hardware reviews and demonstrations by ethnographers
  • Techniques and tools for managing visual media and digital data 
  • Presentations of works in progress for feedback
  • Pre-production workshops on visual ethnography projects 
  • Video production techniques for your field research 
  • Video editing techniques for media management and storytelling  
  • Discussions of new experiments in combining data visualization and visual ethnography  
  • Reviews of online or hybrid ethnography
  • Visual and digital data ethics and regulations 
  • More to come...

The VizE Lab Salon meetings are typically held in the VizE Lab space in 320 Aaron Burr Hall, which includes comfortable conversational seating around a large visualization wall with a 100" projected display on an interactive surface that allows participants to visualize and capture their discussions in real-time.

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VizE Lab for Ethnographic Data Visualization
320 Aaron Burr Hall

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