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The VizE Lab is a site for catalyzing innovative ethnographic projects in multiple media.  In addition to offering individual consultations and workshops in the Lab, we host resources for incubating and developing ethnographic projects. Associated researchers have access to our online platforms to host data, and they will have access to the Lab and visualization wall for workshopping and obtaining feedback on their projects.   


The VizE Lab advises and collaborates with researchers on a range of topics:

  • Using tools for visual data and media management
  • Screen and provide feedback on selects from raw video footage or other media
  • Screen and provide feedback on film rough cuts
  • Collecting data and planning interactive visualizations and maps
  • Review visualizations and maps and review them for feedback
  • Video production techniques for field research 
  • Video editing techniques for ethnographic storytelling  
  • Methods for combining data visualization and in-person ethnography  
  • Visual and digital data ethics 
  • Writing a data management plan (DMP) as part of an IRB protocol or grant application

VizE Lab Online

VizE Lab offers a protected online data repository and open software tools for curating and manipulating a wide range of ethnographic data, such as interviews, survey, mapping, statistical, audio, and video data. The VizE Lab can also host the data for interactive data visualizations and maps as well as sites for publishing the maps and visualizations as well as documentary videos.

The Lab

VizE Lab's studio space is designed for interactive and experimental modes of work. We welcome researchers and groups who want a comfortable interactive space for developing new projects or for workshopping their ongoing projects. Collaborators can gather to share projects, work through dilemmas, and create new possibilities for visual ethnography and media. The meeting space includes a 100" HD projection and sound system that can display material from a variety of sources onto a giant writable visualization wall which can be annotated and saved. Remote participants are also be able to contribute. 

The VizE Lab studio space is located in 320 Aaron Burr Hall. It includes soft comfortable conversational seating around a large visualization wall with a 100" projected display on an interactive surface that allows participants to visualize and capture their discussions in real-time. Two iMacs are available for media production, mapping and data visualization.

Projection from your own laptop is easily achieved in the salon through a wireless connection using AirPlay, available on recent Apple laptops, or from a PC using AirParrot. Projection with a wired connection is through VGA or HDMI. Or bring a usb flash drive with your content, which can be projected from a Lab computer.

Faculty may also bring small groups of students to the salon to collaborate on their own research projects involving ethnographic data and visualization. We encourage faculty to consider the Digital Learning Lab in the McGraw Center for course-related projects involving multimedia production and training.

Contact us with your interest in working in the Lab or for an in person consultation.


VizE Lab for Ethnographic Data Visualization
320 Aaron Burr Hall

Contact Us:  [email protected]