Policy on Extensions and Late Work

The Department of Anthropology generally does not accept late work without a penalty. In all cases, students should seek prior approved extensions for late work from advisers and instructors. The standard practice is to assess a late penalty in proportion to the degree of lateness and in consideration of other extenuating factors.

A prior extension must be granted by a residential college dean for any Department of Anthropology independent work or coursework submitted after Dean's Date. If a student receives a formal dean’s extension, it is up to the course instructor or independent work adviser to determine a grade penalty for lateness.  However, if the student fails to get a formal dean’s extension for work submitted after Dean's Date, then without exception this work will receive an F. Students who receive an F for late independent work must set a new JP or senior thesis due date in consultation with their advisers, director of undergraduate studies, and residential college dean. Once the JP or senior thesis is submitted and graded, transcripts will include the first grade (F) and the new grade.