Vinicius Cardoso Reis

Anthropology Graduate Student

Degrees prior to starting this degree program:

Law Degree, FGV Direito Rio, 2018

MA in Sociology, IESP-UERJ, 2020

Areas of Interest:

Repair, memory, COVID-19, victimhood, social movements

Field Research Plans/History:

Vinicius is interested in the issues of repair, reparation, and memory in Brazil. His ongoing project follows the struggle of people victimized by COVID-19, who are seeking justice for violations perpetrated by the Brazilian state during the pandemic. This research seeks to understand the strategies of social movements formed by bereaved relatives, people who survived the disease, and those living with sequelae or long COVID-19. At Princeton, Vinicius was a Lassen Fellow (2022-2023) and is a Graduate Certificate student at the Program in Latin American Studies. His previous work includes a research project on disputes over reparation programs in the town of Mariana, Brazil, in the aftermath of a major mining disaster, working with victims, policymakers, bureaucrats, and legal professionals.

Publications, Multimedia Projects:

Cardoso Reis, Vinicius. Do desastre às políticas do pós-desastre: contornos e horizontes de um campo de estudos [From disaster to post-disaster policies: outlines and new horizons for a field of study]. Revista da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais 27, No. 2, p. 802–827, 2021. DOI: 10.35699/2316-770X.2020.20637.

Cardoso Reis, Vinicius. Entre a mineração e a reparação: economia e sociedade em Mariana após o desastre da Samarco [Between mining and reparation: economy and society in Mariana after the Samarco disaster]. In Annals of the XXXII International Congress of the Latin American Sociology Association. Working Group No. 7: Land development, inequalities, and decentralization. Lima, Peru, 2021.

Cardoso Reis, Vinicius. O jogo da reparação: a vida social das políticas do pós- desastre em Mariana (MG) [The reparation game: the social life of post-disaster policies]. Master’s Thesis, State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), 2020.

Membership/activities in graduate student events or organizations:

Graduate Fellow, Brazil LAB, 2022-present

PLAS Lassen Fellow, 2022-2023

Co-organizer, PLAS Works-In-Progress Series, 2022-2023

Researcher, Grupo CASA (IESP-UERJ), 2018-present