Guilherme Moura Fagundes

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brazil LAB
High Meadows Environmental Institute (HMEI)
Department of Anthropology

Guilherme Moura Fagundes earned his Ph.D. in social anthropology from the University of Brasília. Before coming to Princeton, he was a visiting scholar at the Collège the France and a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Brasília. He has carried out fieldwork with indigenous peoples in southern Amazonia as well as with Afro-Brazilian quilombola communities in the Cerrado region. Fagundes’ work explores anthropology of technique, ethnobotany, the ecological role of fire and biosecurity. An environmental anthropologist and a science studies scholar, Fagundes is also affiliated to Collège de France’s research group Anthropologie de la Vie and to the University of Brasília’s Laboratory of Anthropology of Science and Technique. His research with quilombola communities and environmental managers and firefighters received numerous academic accolades and he is also the director of the award-winning documentary film “Other Fire.” During his fellowship, Fagundes will work closely with colleagues in the High Meadows Environmental Institute and the Department of Anthropology and will play a role in the new research and teaching initiative Indigenous Ecologies of Knowledges across the Americas. He will also prepare his first book, “Making it Burn: Fire Techniques and the Government of Life in the Brazilian Savanna,” for publication.