Arbel Griner

Associate Research Scholar and Lecturer
Princeton School of Public and International Affairs
Office Phone
118 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

Arbel Griner is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Princeton University’s Global Health Program. She received her PhD in Collective Health from the Institute for Social Medicine of the State University of Rio de Janeiro in June 2019. She uses her multi-disciplinary training in social medicine, social studies of science and technology and anthropology to produce a nuanced critical perspective of how ideas of pathology, normality and health are conceptualized in contemporary neuroscience and how these ideas are integrated into medicine, public health, and ethical debates. In her dissertation, Dr. Griner scrutinized the claims of neuroscientific theories about biological affectivity, and examined the ways in which they are appropriated by biomedical practices and bioethical regulation. She is now interested in looking more carefully into the use of biotechnology, more specifically pharmaceuticals, as treatment resources for so-called affective and gender based pathologies in Brazil’s public health clinics.