Nathaniel Otjen

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Environmental Teaching Fellow
High Meadows Environmental Institute
132 Guyot Hall

Nathaniel Otjen is a Postdoctoral Research Associate and Environmental Teaching Fellow in the High Meadows Environmental Institute. He is also a member of the Blue Lab, a public-facing environmental storytelling group at Princeton, where he co-directs an audio documentary project that examines the impacts of lithium extraction, along with a multimedia project on marine mammal strandings on the mid-Atlantic coast. He holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences, Studies, and Policy from the University of Oregon. An interdisciplinary environmental humanist, he specializes in environmental justice studies, multispecies ethnography, and life-writing literature. His research examines how the logics and structures of liberal humanism, anthropocentrism, colonialism, and neoliberalism sever human-nonhuman relationships. Turning to literature, science, and the arts, he proposes alternative modes of being that support human and nonhuman lives. He is currently working on his first book, Entangled Lives: Multispecies Selves, Justice, and Narratives, which conceptualizes modes of selfhood and justice premised upon multispecies entanglement and reciprocity. His published research can be read in a/b: Auto/Biography Studies, ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and EnvironmentResilienceJournal of Modern Literature, and Configurations, among others.