Malene Friis Hansen

Postdoctoral Research Fellow and Carlsberg International Fellow
214 Aaron Burr Hall

Malene Friis Hansen is a postdoctoral fellow and a Carlsberg international fellow researching the co-construction of human and non-human primate culture in the Anthropocene. Malenes work focuses on understanding the interspecific relationships between human and macaques, how they are created and how they are embedded in the lifeworlds that they share, and also what consequence this has for conservation of all parties. Malene earned her PhD at the Department of Biology at University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Zoo and has a cross-disciplinary approach to her research, combining methods from ecology and ethnography. Malene is the Director and co-Founder of the Long-Tailed Macaque Project (, which is a conservation collaboration and capacity-building project working in SE Asia. Malene has been published in Frontiers of Conservation Science, Frontiers in Zoology, Contributions to Zoology, Conservation Science and Practice, Primates and Primate Conservation. She is a member of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group and a former co-Vice Chair of the Section for Human-Primate Interactions and is one the editors of the upcoming Primate Specialist Group  Best Practice Guidelines for Primate Tourism. Malene has spent several years researching human-macaque interactions and macaque ecology in Indonesia and Malaysia, and also has years of practical experience with wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, husbandry and teaching. She is a research affiliate at University of Copenhagen and Oxford Brookes University, and a member of the Oxford Brookes University Wildlife Trade Research Group. She co-coordinates the upcoming Multispecies Salon at Princeton University.