Devon Magliozzi

VizE Lab Research Associate
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PhD Candidate, Sociology (Stanford)

Devon Magliozzi is a PhD candidate in sociology at Stanford University. Her work explores how gender, race, and class boundaries are constructed and contested in everyday encounters and through research practices. Her dissertation uses ethnographic methods to examine how an elite enclave has maintained its exclusive status in the midst of California’s diverse Bay Area. With colleagues, she has conducted a mixed methods research project demonstrating that social science surveys often reinforce outdated notions of gender, race, and sexuality, and has tested new survey measures that enable researchers to move beyond static, binary gender categories.

At Stanford’s Clayman Institute for Gender Research she has worked with an interdisciplinary team to track the experiences of women professionals across multiple cohorts of a leadership development program. At the VizE Lab, Devon is collaborating on the Visualizing Philadelphia project, which weaves together physiological and socio-cultural data to identify environmental and epigenetic influences on the growth of children in urban environments.