Yanping Ni

Yanping NiYanping Ni is a first-year doctoral student. Her research interests focus on medical and environmental issues in contemporary China, particularly in relation to political economy and social inequality. She recently completed a thesis on pneumoconiosis (aka black lung), a disease that has sickened the largest number of workers since the 1980s in mainland China. Not only patients themselves, Yanping’s interlocutors in this work include social workers, volunteers, activists, filmmakers, and most essentially patients’ family members. She explores how different modalities of care emerge, explode, and infiltrate when expected care from the nation-state is absent. At Princeton, she is committed to continuing her conversations with migrant workers (nóngmíngōng) and to what she calls “careful anthropology.”

Yanping recently graduated from Duke University with a master’s degree in East Asian Studies, where she worked as a Graduate Fellow in the Duke Ethnography Lab and a Research Assistant in the “Revaluing Care  in the Global Economy” network. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Sichuan University (2017, China) and a master’s degree in Film and Television Studies from the University of Warwick (2018, the UK). Inside and outside academia, film is a lifelong passion for her.