Serena Stein

Serena Stein’s scholarly interests include technologies of care in contexts of global health and humanitarian aid; epistemic communities that shape international development; and politics of commensuration across the ‘Global South.’ Her current research explores the future of food systems, health, and agriculture, drawing particularly from medical anthropology, political ecology, science and technology studies, and critical theory. Serena is conducting field research in Brazil, Mozambique, and the United States on edible oil seeds. Her dissertation traces globalizing food commodities and large-scale infrastructure projects in Northern Mozambique, where international donors and private-public partnerships seek to create an agro-development corridor. Serena holds a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an M.Phil in Development Studies from the University of Oxford. At Princeton, she has been a fellow in the Systemic Risk and Global Brazil research programs. She also received an advanced certificate in Health and Health Policy from the Woodrow Wilson School.