Nikhil Pandhi

Nikhil PandhiNikhil Pandhi is interested in the anthropological experiences of boredom, loneliness, laziness, exhaustion, wonder, (dis)enchantment, hope, and other such ordinary, affective states that collectively engender everyday life. He is intrigued by how such states claim affective publics, especially in South Asia, and how these gendered, raced, classed and caste-based publics come to be mapped in the absence of medical, psychological, sociological and other categorical ‘evidence’. Nikhil ethnographically works in Punjab (North India) in contexts of drug-addiction and farm-suicides, which tie his interests in affect with granular studies of masculinity, mental health, subjectivity, gender, and disability. Nikhil holds an MPhil from the University of Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar (2014-16), and an undergraduate degree from the University of Delhi. He has also been a television journalist and correspondent (NDTV Ltd.) in India (2016-18). Nikhil writes fiction, and speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi and Portuguese.