Kurt Poeschl

Kurt PoeschlKurt Poeschl’s work explores urban renewal processes based on alliances between politics and art in Valparaiso, Chile. He is interested how local residents' aim for community building relates to the city administration's focus on the process of "beautification," how social actors articulate economic crisis, artwork and spatial change, and how discussions about reclaiming space affect their daily life. 

Kurt graduated from Karl Franzens University, Graz, with a B.A. in European Ethnology and a B.A. in Art History. He has worked on Trauma and Memory Studies at Rutgers University, where he received an M.A. in German Language and Literature in 2015. Prior to coming to Princeton, Kurt studied Visual Anthropology at Georg August University, Göttingen, and investigated concepts of solidarity, belonging, and ownership in former Eastern Germany. His major fields of interest include social inequality, urban anthropology, affect theory, and ethnographic film as a way of engaging with people's hopes and expectations on a sensory level.