Christopher Zraunig

all pronouns
Anthropology Graduate Student

Degrees prior to starting this degree program:

BSc 2016, University of Amsterdam

MSc 2018, University of Amsterdam

MA 2021, Princeton University

Areas of Interest:

Queer anthropology, empirical ethics, anthropology of aging and care, critical disability studies, anthropology of institutions, medical

Field Research Plans/History:

Christopher is a doctoral candidate at Princeton Anthropology. His ethnographic research centers around questions of good aging in the queer communities of Berlin and New York City: How do subjects who fail to adhere to heteronormative and ableist norms of successful aging create good later life for themselves and their chosen families? What are the possibilities and pitfalls of efforts towards diversification in geriatric settings by care institutions, and NGOs advocating for inclusion of LGBTQIA and (post-)migrant communities? How does the increasing recognition by the nation state of LGBTQIA subjects as deserving citizens impact the carescapes of queer seniors?

To answer these questions, Christopher conducts ethnographic fieldwork with LGBTQIA elders and their formal and informal care settings: nursing homes, intergenerational support networks, gay senior groups, queer housing projects, LGBTQIA service and lobbying agencies, geriatric diversity workers & advisory councils, etc. Christopher complements his ethnography with archival data from Schwules Museum Berlin, expert interviews with politicians, policy makers, and LGBT+ lobbyists, as well as memoirs and literature by queer elders. Christopher’s project has an interdisciplinary approach, engaging in conversations with queer theory, public health/medical anthropology, empirical ethics, critical disability studies, and the anthropology of institutions. 

For his MSc from the University of Amsterdam (2018), Christopher conducted ethnographic fieldwork among long-term survivors of HIV in New York City, investigating the multiplicity and indeterminacy of human-viral becomings. Before starting his PhD at Princeton, Christopher worked as an ethnographic researcher at the Amsterdam University Medical Center on an interdisciplinary project on dementia care.

Membership/activities in graduate student events or organizations:

Certificate Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies