Christopher Zraunig

Christopher ZraunigChristopher explores the long-term trajectory of HIV. For his work, he conducted fieldwork in New York City, researching how contemporary public health approaches to HIV care and prevention relate to, and are in tension with prevalent memory narratives about the earlier days of the virus. He is particularly interested in ethnographic moments when his interlocutors – long-term survivors either infected or otherwise affected by HIV – enact subjectivities which escape hegemonic discourses of HIV-pasts characterized by crisis, trauma and activist heroism, and/or a public-health present in which HIV is imagined to be “irrelevant”. Instead, Christopher focusses on the multiplicity and indeterminateness of human-viral becomings. 

Before coming to Princeton, he has worked for the Amsterdam University Medical Center on a research project about dementia, which increased his interest in the topic of un/successful aging. Christopher received a Msc (cum laude) and BA (cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam.