Cate Morley

Cate MorleyCate Morley is excited to begin doctoral study at Princeton, where she seeks to examine humanitarian forensic efforts to identify disappeared migrants in Mexico. Cate comes to Princeton by way of Oxford and King's College London, where she pursued MSc degrees in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies, and Global Health & Social Justice, and a Fulbright year in Colombia. Her previous study, which explored how filmmakers and photographers relate to their refugee subjects in the production of humanitarian imagery, revealed to her the intimate materiality of care; her participants demonstrated how ethics and aesthetics coalesce in their work through the technologies they employ. Such revelations bolster her belief that attention to objects and relations can elaborate the circuits of care through which forensic practitioners and families of the disappeared articulate alternative modes of existence, mourning, and politics. Cate maintains a broader interest in literature, film and photography, and hopes to explore, in the coming years, how such practices might help to illuminate unlived experience.