Alisa Sopova


Alisa’s research interests focus on the production of resilience in the civilian communities in the war zone in Eastern Ukraine. She seeks to investigate the specifics of everyday life in the environment of military conflict and adjustments and coping mechanisms employed by its residents in order to recreate the normality of their livelihoods. Born and raised in the region, Alisa worked as a journalist and a news editor for the largest local newspaper, Donbass. When the war broke out, she was faced with the challenge of reporting on violence in her own city. With the local journalism collapsing, she began working for international media, including The New York Times and Time magazine where her coverage focused on the war and its humanitarian impact. Alisa is an author and co-founder of a #5Kfromthefrontline project ( that aims to bring to light everyday experiences of civilian life at the frontlines. Alisa holds a BA in journalism from Moscow State University and an MA in Regional Studies from Harvard University.