Aleksandar Kostić

Aleksandar is looking into the ways physical and symbolic space are organized in postsocialist Kyrgyzstan, as well as in the ways various people – artists, migrants, bureaucrats – orient themselves in such spaces. This is coming from a broader interest in the intersections of postsocialism, postcolonialism, and postimperialism; and the intersections of the concepts of Europe and Asia. Aleksandar’s research will look at the ways various types of Kyrgyz nationalism inform different actors’ understandings of space and orientation in it, but also in the ways those nationalisms are informed by various understandings of spatial and temporal borders, kinship, modernity, and materiality. Aleksandar’s other research interests include migrations, time, infrastructure, education, and the postsocialist Europe and Eurasia more generally, especially the Balkans. He holds an undergraduate degree in sociology from University of Belgrade, Serbia, and an MA in anthropology from University of Sussex, UK. As part of the latter, he conducted ethnographic fieldwork with Serbian migrants in Switzerland, focusing on the infrastructural aspects of building and maintaining transnational social networks.