John W. Borneman

Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus.

Ph.D. Harvard University, 1989


Secular ritual, law, intimacy, intersubjectivity, psychoanalysis, care, prosperity, refugees, Europeanization, Germany, Lebanon, Syria

Short Bio

John Borneman is among the most well-known and groundbreaking theorists within the subfields of legal, political and psychological anthropology, having conducted fieldwork in Lebanon and Syria and throughout Central Europe.

He came to Princeton in 2001 after teaching at Cornell University for a decade. His early work focused on a divided Berlin, including the first two of his nine books, “After the Wall: East Meets West in the New Berlin” (1991) and “Belonging in the Two Berlins: Kin, State, Nation” (1992). His other books on Germany include “Sojourners: The Return of German-Jews and the Question of Identity”(1995), co-authored with Jeffery Peck; “Settling Accounts: Violence, Justice, and Accountability in Postsocialist Europe” (1997); “Subversions of International Order: Studies in the Political Anthropology of Culture” (1998); and “Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany” (2015).

Borneman began his ethnographic work in Lebanon and Syria after arriving in Princeton. The monographs that emerged from that research include “Syrian Episodes: Sons, Fathers, and an Anthropologist in Aleppo” (2007), “Al-jinayah al-siyasiyyah wal-silm al-ijtimaei” (2007), and “Political Crime and the Memory of Loss” (2011), a comparative analysis of Germany and Lebanon. 

He edited six volumes and published over 92 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters. He also co-produced a 1993 film, “The Return of German-Jews and the Question of Identity in East Germany.”

Borneman received two Fulbright professorships at Aleppo University in Syria and Humboldt University in Berlin in addition to many grants, fellowships, residencies and prizes. 

He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an M.A. from University of Washington and a Ph.D. from Harvard University.



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Selected Publications

2015 Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany

2011 Political Crime and the Memory of Loss: Events of Closure, Rites of Repetition, and Accountability (University of Indiana Press)

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2004 Death of the Father: An Anthropology of The End in Political Authority, ed. (New York: Berghahn Press)

1992 Belonging in the Two Berlins: Kin, State, Nation (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

1997 Subversions of International Order Studies in the Political Anthropology of Culture (SUNY Press)

1997 Settling Accounts: Violence, Justice, and Accountability in Postsocialist States (Princeton University Press)


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