Daisy Couture

Anthropology Graduate Student

Degrees prior to starting this degree program:

BA, English Literature & Psychology, University of British Columbia, 2020

MA, Medical Anthropology, McGill University, 2023

Areas of Interest:

Medical anthropology; feminist STS; neurology, neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychology; ethnographic writing; science and (inter)subjectivity; North America and the UK

Field Research Plans/History:

Daisy Couture is a medical anthropologist interested in how scientific and medical knowledge inflects subjectivity and intersubjectivity, particularly in the context of contemporary collisions, collaborations, and conflicts between neurology and psychiatry. Specifically, she is currently working on how the ascendence of neuroscientific thinking, both culturally and within medicine, is influencing conceptions of suffering and recovery in the clinic.

Her broader research interests include: contested illnesses, (im)perceptibility, affect theory, patient activism, and literary anthropology.

Previously, she worked on patient and clinician relationships with medical uncertainty in the context of suspected psychosomatic illnesses during her master’s at McGill University (Departments of Anthropology and Social Studies of Medicine) where she was also an inaugural McCall MacBain Scholar. Outside of academia, she has worked in non-profit, research, and clinical settings across the fields of dementia research, science communication, psychiatry, and the public humanities.