Aderayo Sanusi

Anthropology Graduate Student

Degrees prior to starting this degree program:

BA, Anthropology and English Writing, University of Pittsburgh, 2012
LLM, International Economic Law, SOAS University of London, 2015
JD, Columbia Law School, 2016

Areas of Interest:

Anthropology of Development, Environmental Anthropology/Humanities, Political and Legal Anthropology, Anthropology and Business, Industry and Industrialization in Emerging Markets, Science and Technology Studies

Field Research Plans/History:

Aderayo Sanusi is a PhD candidate in Anthropology.
She was born in Lagos, Nigeria and lived there for ten years before immigrating to the United States. Her dissertation, “Sustaining Agriculture: Nigerian Innovators in a Global Order” explores how Nigerian innovators assert their economic sovereignty by developing business models, science, and technologies to improve the agriculture sector. Her research also uncovers the political motivations of other local and foreign actors affected by these activities. Based on multi-sited fieldwork primarily in the offices of two Nigerian agricultural technology startups and archival research, her dissertation challenges readers to think differently about sustainable development, business, science, technology, and politics in Nigeria.


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Sanusi, Aderayo. 2020. “Book Review: What do Science, Technology, and Innovation Mean from Africa?” Perspectives.

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