João Biehl

  • Susan Dod Brown Professor of Anthropology
  • Co-Director, Program in Global Health and Health Policy
  • Co-Director, Brazil LAB
João Biehl is Susan Dod Brown Professor of Anthropology and Woodrow Wilson School Faculty Associate at Princeton University. He is also the Co-...
Phone: (609) 258-6327
Office: 128 Aaron Burr Hall

John Borneman

  • Professor;
  • Director, Program in Contemporary European Politics and Society
John Borneman is Professor of Anthropology in the Department of Anthropology at Princeton. He has conducted fieldwork in Germany and Central Europe,...
Phone: (609) 258-7368
Office: 126 Aaron Burr Hall

Elizabeth A. Davis

  • Associate Professor
Elizabeth Davis is Associate Professor of Anthropology and a Behrman Faculty Fellow in the Humanities. Her research and writing, grounded in the...
Phone: (609) 258-8864
Office: 122 Aaron Burr Hall

Julia Elyachar

  • Associate Professor;
  • Associate Professor Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
I am an anthropologist broadly trained in economics, history of political and economic thought, political economy, social theory, Middle Eastern...
Phone: (609) 258-2896
Office: 130 Aaron Burr Hall

Andrew Alan Johnson

  • Assistant Professor
  • On Sabbatical for 2018-19
Andrew Alan Johnson’s research focuses upon the afterlife of environmental and economic catastrophe in the northern and northeastern region of...
Phone: (609) 258-2186
Office: 123 Aaron Burr Hall

Rena Lederman

  • Professor;
  • Director of Graduate Studies
Professor Lederman’s recent interests have included relationality, expertise, and ethics; the politics of “method” in human sciences (particularly...
Phone: (609) 258-5534
Office: 127 Aaron Burr Hall

Ryo Morimoto

  • Assistant Professor
  • PEI Associated Faculty, Program in History of Science Associated Faculty
  • East Asian Studies Associated Faculty
Through his ethnographic research, Morimoto aims to create a space for and language to think about nuclear things and other contaminants as part and...
Phone: 609-258-6814
Office: 132 Aaron Burr Hall

Serguei A. Oushakine

  • Professor;
  • Director, Program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies
  • On Sabbatical for 2018-19
Serguei Oushakine has conducted fieldwork in the Siberian part of Russia, as well as in Belarus and Kyrgyzstan. His research is concerned with...
Phone: (609) 258-2385
Office: 226 East Pyne Building

Laurence Ralph

  • Professor
Laurence Ralph is a Professor of Anthropology at Princeton University. He earned both a PhD and also a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology from the...
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Office: 124 Aaron Burr Hall

Lauren Coyle Rosen

  • Assistant Professor
  • Departmental Representative (for Undergraduate Studies)
Colye Rosen's research and teaching interests lie at the intersections of legal and political anthropology, comparative spirituality, critical theory...
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Office: 121 Aaron Burr Hall

Carolyn Rouse

  • Professor;
  • Department Chair
Carolyn Rouse is a professor and chair of the Department of Anthropology at Princeton University. Her work explores the use of evidence to make...
Phone: (609) 258-4556
Office: 129 Aaron Burr Hall

Jeffrey Himpele

  • Director, VizE Lab for Ethnographic Data Visualization;
  • Lecturer in Anthropology
Jeff directs the Anthropology Department’s new VizE Lab, an innovative hub for researchers interested in visualizing anthropological knowledge...
Phone: (609) 258-8158
Office: 319 Aaron Burr Hall

Nikolaos Michailidis

  • Lecturer in the Stanley J. Seeger '52 Center for Hellenic Studies and the Department of Anthropology

Justin Perez

  • Lecturer in the Council of the Humanities and Anthropology / Fund For Reunion-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow in LGBT Studies

Justin Perez is a cultural anthropologist who studies sexual rights and global health in Latin America through queer and political anthropological...

Phone: (609) 258-1386
Office: 23B Joseph Henry House