ANT Senior Calendar 2020-2021

This calendar highlights important dates for Anthropology Seniors in the current academic year.

For calendar details and important information, students should not rely solely on this list of highlighted dates.  The calendar in the Blackboard for Anthropology Concentrators is the official document for student reference.

August 2020

28         SAFE opens for Fall Semester Senior Thesis Research Funding application

31         Classes begin

31         Thesis advisers assigned

31         ANT Majors' Meeting, 5:00 pm EDT, via Zoom


11         Deadline for the first meeting with your thesis adviser

14         Senior Seminar meeting #1 of 6 

20         SAFE closes:  Deadline to apply for Fall Semester Senior Thesis Funding

21         Senior Seminar meeting #2 of 6 

28         Senior Seminar meeting #3 of 6 


10-13    Fall Break

19         Senior Seminar meeting #4 of 6 

26         Senior Seminar meeting #5 of 6 


2           Senior Seminar meeting #6 of 6 

2           DUE: Senior thesis proposal submitted to adviser and the department

16         SAFE opens for Winter Senior Thesis Research Funding application 

24         Last day of classes

30         Reading period begins

30         DUE: Some amount of thesis writing submitted to adviser


1           Spring-term course selection in TigerHub

1-15      Schedule a meeting with your adviser to discuss your thesis and writing

6           SAFE closes: Deadline to apply for Winter Semester Senior Thesis Funding

8           Dean's Date

January 2021

15         DUE: One rough thesis chapter & outline to adviser and the department


1           Spring term classes begin

12         DUE: Senior thesis progress report submitted to the department


12         DUE: Full senior thesis draft submitted to adviser
              Failure to submit or discuss with adviser will likely result in a deduction.

13-16    Spring break


The ANT Thesis Due Date has been extended from 4/12 to 4/16/21.

9            Thesis substantially written. Begin final edits and prepare a thesis abstract

16          DUE: Final senior thesis submitted electronically via Thesis Central
               Advisers hold discretion to grant extensions up to the University deadline.

27          Last day of classes

28          Reading period begins

30          University thesis deadline.  Dean's extension required after this date.


5            Dean's Date (Wednesday)

6-7         Senior Departmental Exam - take-home essay

24          Class Day

25          Commencement