Spring Term Course Plan

Department of Anthropology
Undergraduate Courses Tentatively Planned for Spring 2021

Updated October 12, 2020
The following course list is incomplete. 
Listed courses are also subject to change until the Registrar's Course Offerings goes live in Nov. 2020.

ANT 203 Economic Life in Cultural Context 
ANT 206A Human Evolution (also AFS)
ANT 217 Anthropology of Religion
ANT 223 Policing and Militarization Today (also AMS, AAS, URB)
ANT 227 Urban Anthropology (also URB)
ANT 246 Native American and Indigenous Studies: An Introduction (also AMS, LAS)
ANT 272 Intoxicating Cultures: Alcohol in Everyday Life (also AFS)

ANT 301 The Ethnographer's Craft
ANT 305 Psychological Anthropology (also HLS)
ANT 319 Revolt (also NES)
ANT 332 Culture and Power in China
ANT 369 Reading Africa: Anthropological Approaches to the Continent (also AFS)

ANT 403 Race and Medicine (also AAS, GHP)
ANT 405 Topics in Anthropology: Decolonization
SLA 420/ ANT 420 Communist Modernity: The Politics and Culture of Soviet Utopia
ANT 428 Myth-busting Race and Sex: anthropology, biology, and 'human natures’
ANT 432 Memory, Trauma, Accountability
ANT 454 Transcultural Cinema 
ENV 428/ ANT 488 The Body in Rain: Embodiment and Planetary Change

In 2020-21, ANT 305 and ANT 403 both satisfy a foundational medical anthropology course requirement for students in the Medical Anthropology Track. The next scheduled offering of ANT 240, Medical Anthropology, will be in academic year 2021-22.

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