VizE Lab and the Dignity + Debt collaboration
Sept. 10, 2021

Matt Walker of spoke to Fred Wherry of Dignity + Debt about the mission of the Dignity + Debt Network and the strength of having partners at Princeton. Dignity and Debt is an initiative…

Ph.D. Student Elizabeth Durham published Op-ed in "Anthropology News"
Sept. 7, 2021

Ph.D. student Elizabeth Durham published an op-ed in Anthropology News. Durham writes on Ohio's Vax-A-Million lottery, "What's So Funny about Ohio's Vaccine Lottery?" Jokes about Vax-a-Million have been near-ubiquitous in Ohio. How are its residents using this humor with and against each other, and to what communal end?


2020-2021 Academic Report
Sept. 2, 2021

Check out the 2020-2021 Academic Report for the Department of Anthropology. Read about faculty research, graduate student research, program updates and the many events that took place throughout the year.

The Department of Anthropology 2020-21 Academic Report

Brazil LAB initiative has been renewed
Sept. 1, 2021

The Brazil LAB initiative (Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies), headed by Professor João Biehl, has been renewed by the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS) for another three years.

Legacies of Violence and Complicity ~ Current Policies and Guidelines
Aug. 31, 2021
Legacies of Violence and Complicity

Update: Recently Released Report of MOVE Remains Investigation

The Department of Anthropology once again apologizes to the Africa family. What the report…

Rouse is interviewed by the San Diego Union-Tribune
Aug. 11, 2021

Professor Carolyn Rouse was recently interviewed by Lisa Deaderick of The San Diego Union-Tribune. In the interview, Carolyn discusses critical race theory, the legislation being drafted and passed in opposition to it, and the utility of this academic framework in and out of public school settings.

Click here to read the…

Ralph Wins Prize for Excellence in Anticipatory Anthropology
July 19, 2021

Congratulations to Professor Laurence Ralph, Director of the Center on Transnational Policing in the Department of Anthropology, named the recipient of the 2021

Lauren Coyle Rosen in conversation with anthropologist J. Brent Crosson
June 29, 2021

Anthropologist J. Brent Crosson, University of Texas at Austin, recently interviewed Professor Lauren Coyle Rosen on her book, Fires of Gold: Law, Spirit, and…

Agustín Fuentes, “‘The Descent of Man,’ 150 years on"
June 17, 2021

Professor Agustín Fuentes published an article in Science, “‘The Descent of Man,’ 150 years on.” Fuentes writes about Charles Darwin and states how Darwin had “injurious and unfounded prejudices that warped his view of data and experience.”

In 1871, Charles Darwin tackled “the highest and most interesting problem for the…

Laurence Ralph in final Forward Fest session
June 15, 2021
Wednesday, June 16 @ 4:00 PM Thinking Forward: Bringing Themes Together

Allison Carruth
Professor of American Studies and the High Meadows Environmental Institute
Céline Gounder ’97
Internist, Infectious Disease Specialist, Epidemiologist, CEO of Just Human Productions, Host of “Epidemic”…