Graduate students go for a hike at Ridgeview Conservancy
Oct. 26, 2022

By Tae Cimarosti
On October 14th, our graduate students took a walk with Patricia Shanley, co-director of the Ridgewood Conservancy, and a group of Princeton High School volunteers through the Ridgeview Woods.

The green sanctuary, just three miles north-west of campus, is one of the most recent acquisitions of…

The Legacy of Professor Alfonso Ortiz
Oct. 14, 2022

The Daily Princetonian remembers Dr. Alfonso Ortiz, who served as an Associate Professor in the Department of Anthropology in the 1970s. Ortiz was a member of the Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo. He studied and wrote about his own community and advocated for Indigenous scholars during his time at Princeton.

Listen to the episode here, …

Interview with graduate student Noah Collins
Oct. 11, 2022

Graduate Student, Noah Collins was interviewed by The Daily Princetonian on “What does Indigenous look like to you?”. Collins is from Cherokee reservation and an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation. In the interview Collins states his message is, “This has been and will always be Indigenous land.”

Read the full interview…

Graduate students meet with Didier Fassin
Oct. 6, 2022

By Tae Cimarosti
On September 26th, our first-year graduate cohort met with Didier Fassin, James D. Wolfensohn Professor of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study. Enjoying one of the last days of summer in the serene quiet of the White-Levy Room, the group of students– led…

Graduate Student, Nicolás Díaz Letelier's article "Trapped Present, or the Capture(d) Affects of Imprisonment"
Oct. 4, 2022

Graduate student Nicolás Díaz Letelier published the article “Trapped Present, or the Capture(d) Affects of Imprisonment" in Current Anthropology. The article is a visual and narrative exploration of the everyday effects of captivity at Easter Island's Penitentiary Complex, or the so-called 'happiest prison in the world'. Díaz Letelier…

Graduate student, Kymberley Chu, wrties an essay for "Sentient Media"
Oct. 4, 2022

Graduate student, Kymberley Chu, has recently written a personal essay for Sentient Media entitled “How the Media Greenwashes Industrial Pig Farming in Malaysia.” The essay is a blend of Chu’s journalistic reportage and critical analysis of industrial pig farming in Malaysia. It dives deeply into how media coverage of animal diseases…

The Department mourns the loss of Hildred Storey Geertz
Oct. 3, 2022

Hildred Storey Geertz (1927 – 2022)

It is with great sadness that we report that our beloved colleague, the anthropologist Hildred Storey Geertz, has passed away peacefully at her home on September 30, 2022, at age 95.

Professor Geertz joined the Princeton University faculty in 1971 and was instrumental…

Agustín Fuentes, "Humans are not 'tribal'"
Sept. 26, 2022

Professor Agustín Fuentes published an article in Big Think, "Humans are not 'tribal.'" In his article, Fuentes writes about human nature and how we are great at classifying each other into types and groups. Fuentes states, "From politics to culture, we blame “tribalism” for humanity’s problems. Human intergroup conflicts and how they…

Didier Fassin named Chair at Collège de France
Sept. 23, 2022

Warm congratulations to Didier Fassin, James D. Wolfensohn Professor of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced Study and Visiting Professor in our Department, on his appointment to the prestigious Collège de France, where he will hold the

Article by Junior Genrietta Churbanova describes the relationship between STEM and the humanities
Sept. 20, 2022

Junior Genrietta Churbanova recently wrote an article on the STEM-humanities divide at Princeton in The Daily Princetonian. As an Anthropology major, Churbanova defends her major and asks a few good questions. Read the full article here