Monday, Oct 5, 2020

The following video is from a conference in November 2012 in India titled: “Engaged Anthropology: The Ethics and Politics of Collaborations in the Field." Funded by Center for International Teaching and Research.

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Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020

Thanks to Janet Monge (visiting Professor of Anthropology), Jeffrey Himpele (VizE LAB Director), Online Princeton, and the McGraw Center for the production of the MOOC “REAL BONES: Adventures in Forensic Anthropology”. The course investigates and discusses the various techniques of analysis that biological anthropologists can apply to forensic...

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2020

The Department welcomes four new graduate students, three new faculty members, a lecturer and a postdoctoral fellow.

Tuesday, Sep 8, 2020

Friday, September 11, 2020, New York University's Center for Media, Culture and History will host a virtual screening and discussion of Laurence Ralph's The Torture Letters (12:50 mins, New York Times Op-Doc).

Friday, Sep 4, 2020

Congratulations to Agustín Fuentes, winner of the ISSR (Inaugural International Society for Science and Religion) Book Prize in the Field of Science and Religion in the ‘popular’ category. Fuentes’ book Why We Believe: Evolution and the Human Way of Being (Yale University Press) gives a clear account of how our capacity for belief has...

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2020

Ph.D. alumnus, Chris Garces '09, recently published an article in the NACLA Report's coronavirus issue (Fall 2020, VOL. 52, NO. 3). Garces' article talks about the overburdened hospitals and the inability to bury the dead in Ecuador.

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020

Professor Carolyn Rouse recently published an article in Anthropology Now called “It’s All Free Speech Until Someone Dies in a Pandemic.” In the article, Rouse focuses on white Americans’ eagerness to accept alternative truths in the name of alleged free speech.

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020

Laurence Ralph, author of The Torture Letters, debuted his animated film, THE TORTURE LETTERS, as part of the New York Times’ Opinion Documentary Series.

Tuesday, Jun 30, 2020

Congratulations to Ph.D. candidate Tyler Benjamin Adkins, winner of the Mellon/ACLS Dissertation Completion Fellowships 2020. Title of his dissertation is The Life of Forms and Forms of Life in Post-Soviet Siberia.

Wednesday, Jun 24, 2020

Professor João Biehl and postdoctoral research associate Onur Günay’s Medical Anthropology class is #TigersHelping feature story. When the course went online the instructors revamped their syllabus, adjusted to Zoom lectures, and encouraged students to think creatively about the current pandemic.