Prof. Hanna Garth teaches seafood and sustainability

April 7, 2022

On Thursday, April 7, ANT 311: Food, Culture & Society, focused on seafood and sustainability with Professor Hanna Garth. Mariculture, the farming of marine organisms like oysters, has a cleaning effect as the ocean waters are filtered through the organisms. Oyster farms therefore have the potential to both provide food, specifically protein, for humans while actually improving the environment.

Brian Harman, Cape May Salt Oyster Farms
Our guest, Brian Harman, General Manager, of Cape May Salt Oyster Farms in Point Norris, New Jersey on the Delaware Bay, spoke about his many years of experience in oyster farming, the various techniques he has developed to improve the farm, and how they are expanding. Cape May Salts now operates two separate oyster farms in Delaware Bay, growing and selling over 3 million oysters per year.

Executive Chef Jerry Luz, Campus Dining and Catering
Also joining the class was Chef Jerry Luz, Executive Chef for Campus Dining Catering and Graduate School, who oversees all the catering done on campus and is the exclusive caterer to the President of the university. He has been working with University students for the last 22 years between the Eating Clubs, Residential dining and his current position. Chef Jerry cleaned and processed all of the oysters for us, shucking on site, and serving them with a slice of lemon.

Oysters in Prof. Hanna Garth's Class