Nine new courses added to the Undergraduate Spring 2024 course offerings

Nov. 2, 2023

From religion to robots, the senses to our emotions, addressing issues of dissent and war, and considering the Native American and Indigenous peoples to the digital worlds we now inhabit, Anthropology’s exciting new undergraduate courses offered for Spring 2024 provides the lens to view these topics. As we like to share, Anthropology “engages situated relational methods . . . considers the ways people think, act, and make sense of their lifeworlds against the backdrop of multiple structural forces and across intersecting domains and scales.”

In addition to these nine engaging courses, Anthropology offers an additional twelve undergraduate courses within the department including Ethnographic Data Visualization, gangsters, nuclear things, human evolution, the anthropology of AI, linguistics, and ethics. Anthropology’s deep interdisciplinary dialogues are present with the additional five crosslisted courses available this spring with Environmental Studies, Near Eastern Studies, Slavic Studies, and Theater.

The twenty-six spring undergraduate anthropology offerings continue to provide students opportunities to explore the connections between ethnography, theory, social engagement, and storytelling that are the hallmark of anthropology.

Here are the titles and professors for our new courses in the image above: 

  • ANT 217 Anthropology of Religion: The Afterlives of Religion with Prof. Clayton Goodgame (HLS)
  • ANT 233 The Sensing Body: The Anthropology of Sensory Experience with Prof. Thalia Gigerenzer
  • ANT 246 Critical Native American and Indigenous Studies: An Introduction with Prof. Ikaika Ramones
  • ANT 256 Emotions: On the Makings of Moral and Political Life with Prof. Ani Vasudevan
  • ANT 318 Global Cultures of Dissent with Prof. Harini Kumar
  • ANT 320 The Paranormal and the Supernatural with Luke Forrester Johnson and Prof. Elizabeth Davis
  • ANT 325 Robots in Human Ecology: A Hands-on Course for Anthropologists, Engineers, and Policymakers with Profs. Ryo Morimoto and Alexander Glaser
  • ANT 354 Digital Anthropology: Methods for Exploring Virtual Worlds with Prof. Akil Fletcher
  • ANT 430 War with Prof. Fadi A. Bardawil