Julia Elyachar's op-ed: Palestinians facing eviction in east Jerusalem

May 6, 2021

Professor Julia Elyachar recently wrote an Op-Ed for Forward titled, “They’re Palestinians facing eviction in east Jerusalem. They may have helped save my family. "We must and can live together. This much my family history has taught me. The current path of eviction at the point of a gun leads to a dismal future for all, not just for the families of Sheikh Jarrah.” says Elyachar.

From the article:

I heard the story countless times. My great-grandfather Raphael, an Arab Jew who was born in Jerusalem, died when my grandfather was 13. Raphael had two business partners. One partner, who was a European Jew, took advantage of the bereft widow, and stole our family’s livelihood. The other partner, an Arab and fellow Jerusalemite, saved my family from ruin, helped however he could, and treated my grandfather like a son...

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