João Biehl publishes "Insurgent Archivings" in "Current Anthropology"

Jan. 20, 2023

“As these flickering homespun traces exceed the racialization and necropolitics conjured by the ruling classes and confront brutal efforts at ‘silencing the past,’ they also carry ‘the poetry it is possible not to write’ – that is, folks’ imaginative and horizon-making capacities, which include the Spirit of Nature and relationships to our dead and which storytelling animates time and again.”

Professor and Chair of Anthropology João Biehl just published “Insurgent Archivings” in Current Anthropology. While unearthing immigrant worlding in the South American settler frontier where he grew up, Biehl identifies the house as an ongoing index of survival and insurgency and materiality as both a container of death and as an aperture to the unknow. With comments by K Stewart, A Garcia, N Cunningham, C Fausto,
A Kelly, Y Stainova, M Fischer.

Read the article for free here, "Insurgent Archivings."


 João Daniel Noé with Catarina Hofstätter and their grandchild, ca. 1913. By Torben Eskerod.
Fuchs’ home archive. By Torben Eskerod.