Hanna Garth receives Flash Grant from Humanties Council

June 14, 2022

Congratulations to Hanna Garth, recipient of a Flash Grant from the Princeton University Humanities Council. Garth received the grant for her project, "Documentary Scene in a Puerto Rican Fishing Village."

This documentary/ethnographic film will tell the story of Puerto Rican fisherpeople and the changing conditions of near-shore fishing on the island today. The film will document local small artisan fishing practices and the shifting distribution of fish along the Puerto Rican coast. Several factors are impacting Caribbean marine life, from natural disasters to rising ocean temperatures. In addition to documenting the impact of natural disasters on fishing communities, this film will focus on the impact of coastal development and the role of new beach-front properties. The destruction of mangroves, the removal of sand dunes, and the creation of barriers on the beach all lead to extensive destruction of near-shore marine life. In addition to the loss of marine life from these practices, artisan fisherpeople are often forced out of these as tourists do not want their small boats and fish gutting practices to obstruct their ocean views. From the perspective of local Puerto Rican fisherpeople, this film will document the ways in which development projects and the destruction of marine habitats impact marine life and local seafood sources.