Graduate students go for a hike at Ridgeview Conservancy

Oct. 26, 2022

By Tae Cimarosti
On October 14th, our graduate students took a walk with Patricia Shanley, co-director of the Ridgewood Conservancy, and a group of Princeton High School volunteers through the Ridgeview Woods.

The green sanctuary, just three miles north-west of campus, is one of the most recent acquisitions of Princeton’s Emerald Necklace project, a ring of parks surrounding the city that provides critical wildlife corridors while promoting equitable access to nature.

Under old-growth oaks and tulip poplars in their full midfall glory, the group had a chance to enhance its ecological literacy, learn more about the area’s cultural and geological history, reflect on the importance of flooding prevention, and the significance of safeguarding open access to green spaces for all Princeton’s residents.

Slowly falling silent for the winter, the Ridgeview Woods opened up new spaces for our students to think, engage with the local community and connect with the environment. 

Ridgeview Conservancy

Students gather at the Ridgwood Conservatory
Students gather at the Ridgwood Conservatory