CTP Co-Director Beliso-De Jesús Interviewed on Amanpour. on CNN and PBS

May 22, 2024

CTP co-director Aisha Beliso-De Jesús was featured on Amanpour., aired May 22, 2024, on CNN and PBS. 
In the interview, she discusses “excited delirium,” analyzed in her forthcoming book Excited Delirium: Race, Police Violence, and the Invention of a Disease (Duke University Press, 2024).

@Beliso_DeJesus’ new book “Excited Delirium” exposes a medical term that has long been used as a cover for police misconduct—as in the case of George Floyd. The author and academic discusses with @MichelMcQMartin.” Amanpour and Company, X, May 22, 2024